• An uncertain diagnosis, a “hot tooth” almost impossible to numb, and the requirement of a highly trained endodontist that deals with regular or very complex cases where high clinical skills and the latest equipment are present, are some of the reasons why you refer to us. By referring to an endodontist, you help bring relaxation and comfort to both your patient and yourself.
  • Once the specialist has made an accurate diagnosis, the patient can be helped and usually shows gratitude and respect for the referring dentist for his or her wisdom to refer. The referrer has been professional enough to put his or her best interest first.
  • You are the Key Doctor in patients’ oral health and we would be extremely honored to assist you in providing an outstanding care to your patients.
  • Be assured that I will be on your team and will be a helpful partner in your work
  • We want you to be able to form your own opinion about Dr. Sayman’s work so please, feel free to also review his X-rays.
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