An accurate diagnosis is necessary so that we can know exactly what treatment will be performed.

Therefore, we will need to see your tooth to be able to give you precise fees for our services. Different factors, such as the tooth involved and the complexity of the case for example, are important to consider. This is why a preliminary consultation will be necessary. At the end of it, and depending on Dr. Sayman’s opening, you will be able to elect if you receive immediate treatment or schedule an appointment. We are serious and we want you to be able to trust and rely on the amount we give you. So we will only give you our consultation fees and the brackets for our other services over the phone.

Be assured that before starting the therapy, we will give you our exact fees and explain them to you, if you wish.

Our consultation fees are owed and payable in full at the time of consultation. The policy of this office is that our fees for treatment are payable in full by the completion of treatment.


We accept cash, personal checks, debit cards, traveler checks and all major credit cards.
Additionally, we offer you the alternative to use Care Credit, free of interests. In few and easy steps, you will be able to apply for a loan and obtain in minutes an answer.


If you are insured, we will find out for you an estimate of what your health company will cover. We accept patients with all insurances and will gladly file your claim for you. Learn more...


If cancellation is absolutely necessary, please extend us as well as our other patients waiting for an earlier appointment the courtesy of a quick phone call to let us know and reorganize our schedule.

Should you miss your appointment without prior cancellation, a charge may apply.

This office reserves its rights to accept or not a patient that will have cancelled two appointments for the same procedure.