Dr. Sayman has THREE top priorities:



Dr. Sayman provides you with a very smooth treatment thanks to his extensive experience and on-going education in anesthetics and post-operative care as well as his extraordinary hands. You feel relaxed.



Dr. Sayman will give you his undivided attention and unhurried time. He will listen to you, answer your questions and explain to you your therapy.



Dr. Sayman is a perfectionist and his devotion to clinical excellence along with the use of the most advanced and up-to-date evidence-based techniques and technology, like the microscope and the brand new 3D Cone Beam CT Scan, will make your treatment a total success and pleasure.

Dr. Sayman D.D.S., M.S.

"My grand-father was a world-renowned physician". He has inspired me and since a very young age, I knew that, like him, I wanted to heal people. The dental field attracted me immediately because I found that there was so much to do to help patients realize that going to the Dentist can be enjoyable and on the other hand that teeth are very much alive parts of our bodies.

Most patients go to great length to save an arm or a leg. A tooth is as important as an arm or a leg. It allows you to smile, to eat, to talk which are so essential to be a complete and happy person. So I go to great length, using the most researched, modern materials and technologies and the most effective techniques, to save your so precious teeth

I have dedicated over 30 years of my life to patients and dentistry and I love and enjoy my work enormously. It is so rewarding to be able to help."

Dr. Sayman is one of the few Board Certified Endodontists and has a very high success rate for all kinds of procedures. Furthermore, he has been a General Dentist for many years, which enables him to understand very well your doctor’s restorative treatment recommendations and have a great communication with him or her.



Amenities, Equipment and Special Treats: We choose to design and equip our office with your comfort in mind. We want you to feel at home, relaxed and certain that only the best of everything is used for you and your dental health. This is why we provide you with the most comfortable dental chair, single visit treatment (most of the times), different spoken languages… and many other treats that you will enjoy tremendously.

Sedation: Dr. Sayman is well known among his patients for his gentle hands and extraordinary techniques of anesthesia. Many nervous patients wanted initially nitrous-oxide sedation, or laughing gas, and finally changed their mind after knowing Dr. Sayman. Still, we are glad to offer it to you if that will help you feel more relaxed. We offer you the safest and most modern equipment.


Sterilization: Our standards of sterilization exceed the highest standards set by OSHA and the American Dental Association. We want to protect you and we only use the latest barriers techniques and autoclave sterilization. Learn more...

Digital-Radiography: Our 80% lower-dose digital-radiography is safer than traditional X-rays and will provide us with computerized images that we can optimize, print and send to your dentist.

3D Cone Beam Computer Tomograph (CB-CT Scan): Our brand new Morita Veraviewepocs 3D R100 is one of the best 3D endodontic scanners in the world. It is very low in X-radiation exposure; the scanned area is focalized to a 2-3 teeth. Some other systems scan the whole head in order to get 3D images of the tooth in question..learn more


Microscope: All our treatment rooms are equipped with a microscope. Magnification and halogen fiber optic illumination are invaluable assets in aiding Dr. Sayman to perform all technical aspects of endodontic procedures. He will be able to discover otherwise undetectable complex anatomy or even new canals and see deeper into those, which will provide you with a thorough treatment. A digital camera is attached to the microscope and help document cases for enhanced communication.

Ultrasonics: Each operatory is equipped with a sophisticated ultrasonic unit that is used to remove posts, non-metallic and metal instruments from your root canals, if necessary. These ultrasonic units are also used to prepare the root-end for filling in case microsurgical intervention is indicated.

Nickel-Titanium Instruments : The cleaning and shaping of the root canal are highly improved by using tiny instruments made of a unique alloy of nickel-titanium. These devices are placed into the root canal with a liquid antimicrobial agent to help remove all traces of bacteria and infected tissue.

Apex Locator : Dr. Sayman assists himself with this extremely accurate unit that gives him the length of your root canals, potentially reducing the number of radiographs needed to do the treatment.

3D Cone Beam CT Scan: We just acquired the best 3D CB-CT Scan for root canals of the market. For the first time in dentistry it is possible to obtain a three–dimensional image of a tooth and its surrounding structures. Previously, we were limited to a two dimensional picture of a three dimensional problem. This amazing system shows unusual root anatomy, missed roots(in cases with previously failed root canals), infections that a regular (2D) radiograph does not show, cracks, etc., helping Dr. Sayman to better diagnose a disease and to perform a more predictable treatment..learn more